Travellers and Drivers Day: everyone has a duty to follow the traffic rules and respect each other on the road

On September 25, Sunday, the Travellers and Drivers Day is celebrated in Lithuania. It is intended to remind everyone about respect for each other on the road, to think if we, every one of us, behave properly on the road, if we care about our safety and the safety of others while participating in traffic.


Preparation of the pre-project solutions of the road from Garliava to Prienai begins

The contract for the preparation of pre-project solutions for the reconstruction of the section between the kilometres 11.60 and 31.10 (19.5 km) of the State importance regional road No 130 Kaunas-Prienai-Alytus has entered into force. The designers of the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration must prepare and submit within 8 months the reconstruction pre-project solutions. The value of the concluded contract is almost 223 thousand euros.


Autumn road hazards – wild animals

As autumn sets in, animal migration increases, and the mating season begins, animal behaviour changes – they become less timid and less cautious. Drivers should be particularly attentive at this time of year, as collisions with wild animals are one of the most common driving hazards, especially in countryside environments.


More than 3,000 road users repeated the rules of the road at “Traffic Safety Stops”

The campaign “Traffic Safety Stops”, organised by the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – Road Administration) for the third year in a row, has finished its tour around Lithuania. The month-long campaign took place in 98 towns, villages and settlements in Lithuania, with more than 3,000 people taking part.


A contractor is sought to improve two sections of the cycle path in Neringa from Smiltyne to Juodkrante

A public tender is announced for the improvement of two sections of the pedestrian and cycle path in Neringa, from Smiltyne to Juodkrante (sections 2.104 km to 2.956 km and from 2.956 km to 15.567 km). It is expected that, following procurement procedures, the contract for the works will be ready to be signed in the fourth quarter of 2022.