“Traffic Safety Stops” campaign invites people to stop and remember the rules of road safety

The Traffic Safety Stops organised by the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) start their tour around Lithuania. This year, from 1 August to 2 September, 98 Traffic Safety Stops will be open in different cities and towns across the country, where the Road Administration’s road safety experts will interact with visitors on various road safety topics.


Part of the “Via Baltica” being built in Poland is in cement concrete

Representatives of the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) visited colleagues in Poland, where they inspected the construction works being carried out on the S61 Augustow-Budzisko road (part of the “Via Baltica” project in Poland), and familiarised themselves with the technology used to construct concrete roads. This project will help assess whether asphalt concrete surface can be used in Lithuania in the future.


The “Be Safe, Careful and Healthy” campaign ends with around 2,000 participants in ten events

The preventive traffic safety campaign “Be Safe, Careful and Healthy”, organised by the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) together with its main partners – representatives of public health offices, firefighters and police officers, attracted around 2,000 participants. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of the importance of road safety, to encourage all road users to behave responsibly on the roads and streets, to wear seat belts, to be attentive and to respect each other on the road. The campaign took place between 12 May and 8 July this year. A total of 10 campaign events were organised, one in each county. The choice of venues was made with the aim of reaching out to community members living away from Lithuania’s major city centres, who have fewer opportunities to take part in actions of this kind.