The first works contract for the reconstruction of the section of Via Baltica highway from Marijampolė to the Polish border has been entered into

The contract of the SE Lithuanian Road Administration for the reconstruction of the section of the highway A5 Kaunas-Marijampolė-Suwałki (Via Baltica) from the kilometre 72.50 to the kilometre 79 has become effective. It is planned that the construction work on this road section will start this year and will be completed in the autumn of next year. The value of the contract is about 55.8 million euros.


The network of road weather stations is being extended and modernized

Next year, 30 new road weather stations (hereinafter – RWS) are planned to be installed on the roads of national importance. The new RWSs will be installed in the places of the roads of national importance which are selected taking into account the importance of the road, the traffic volume, the level of maintenance, as well as the density of the existing RWSs and geographical circumstances, which affect planning of winter road maintenance works.


The installed anti-glare system for roads will also ensure traffic safety on the section of the highway A2 Vilnius–Panevėžys.

The section of the highway A2 Vilnius–Panevėžys from the overpass at Panevėžys bypass, which stretches through Šilagalis village and ending at the boundary of Panevėžys city has been repaired. After the repair work was done, travelling has become smoother and safer.


National Reflector Day. Reminder: only a correctly used reflector can save lives

On October 20, the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) organises the National Reflector Day to remind about the use of reflectors and other safe traffic measures. This day is commemorated every year on the third Thursday of October.


The section of Utena road between Molėtai and Utena is being designed

Work of design of the highway from Molėtai to Utena is being started. The contracts signed by the SE Lithuanian Road Administration for the preparation of technical work projects of overhaul of two sections (from the kilometre 64.332 to the kilometre 79.510 and from the kilometre 79.510 to the kilometre 93.726) of the highway A14 Vilnius-Utena and for the supervision of the project implementation have come into effect. The projects must be prepared and submitted within 11 months from the date of entry into force of the contracts. The total value of the two contracts is almost 320 thousand euros. Upon completion of the design, the contract work will be announced.


In 2023, head of the SE Lithuanian Road Administration will cease to hold office

In 2023, Remigijus Lipkevičius, head of the SE Lithuanian Road Administration (Road Administration) will cease to hold office at his own initiative. In his application submitted to Marius Skuodis, Minister of Transport and Communications, R. Lipkevičius asks the Minister to remove him from the position held from 1 January 2023. R. Lipkevičius has been holding the position of the head of the Road Administration since September 2020.


The route of ReflectOcar will stretch along thirty elderships

On October 20 this year, the National Reflector Day is commemorated. On this occasion, the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration), together with its partners – communities, organises events to commemorate this day. During their events, participants in the project “Traffic safety in communities” will remind of importance of using reflectors. The ReflectOcar of the Road Administration will arrive to the elderships, whose communities do not participate in the said project.