An Average Young Road Victim and Advice For Road Users Before the Start of the School Year

Before the coming autumn, SE Lithuanian Road Adminstration reminds all road users not only about the changing weather and traffic conditions but about the increasing traffic volumes on the roads of the country.


Driving On a Foggy Carriageway Is Dangerous

SE Lithuanian Road Administration warns that oncoming autumn and rapidly changing weather conditions bring about fog in the morning and at night. When the fog falls on the roads, traffic conditions may become extremely dangerous.


Lithuania Will Chair the Baltic Road Association Until 2025

During the 30th Baltic Road Conference held in Riga this week, SE Lithuanian Road Administration has taken over the chairmanship of the Baltic Road Association from the State-Owned Limited Liability Company Latvian State Roads (Latvijas Valsts ceļi).


The Cathedral Square in Vilnius Will Host All Family Traffic Safety Event

On Saturday 21 August SE Lithuanian Road Administration invites to attend the annual traffic safety event Be Careful on the Road. The event will be held on the Cathedral Square of Vilnius from 12:00 until 16:00 and all family members are invited to take part in it.


Campaign Traffic Safety Stops: Our Safety on the Roads

The campaign Traffic Safety Stops organized by SE Lithuanian Road Adminstration (later – the Road Administration) starts its journey to the Lithuanian cities and towns. On 2 August– 3 September, 102 traffic safety stops will be opened where traffic safety specialists from the Road Adminstration will consult visitors on traffic safety issues.