In 2022, the Road Administration will continue the grand projects already started. New initiatives are also planned

The State Enterprise (hereinafter – the Road Administration) informs about some of the most important works in 2022 on the roads of national importance. Design work is carried out all year round, while contract work can be carried out at the end of the technological break, that is, from March 15, if the weather conditions are suitable for that.


The international agreement on the harmonization of open data has entered into force

After the agreement on the Project in the transport sector, funded by the Connecting Europe Facility, which is called ‘NAPCORE – The National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe‘ (hereinafter – NAPCORE; the NAPCORE Grant Agreement) has entered into force in December, cooperation between the countries developing their own open data platforms has officially begun. The State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) is also among the organisations of more than thirty different countries, that have signed this Agreement.


The best participants in the traffic safety competition ‘Traffic Safety in Communities‘ have been determined

After the results of the traffic safety project-competition ‘Traffic Safety in Communities 2020-2021‘ (herenafter – the Competition) have been calculated, it turned out that the winner in Group 1 is the public organisation ‘Aušrinė‘ of Šiluva community from Raseiniai district, the winner in Group 2 is the community of Naujieji Elmininkai village from Anykščiai district, the winner in Group 3 is the community of Siesikai town of Ukmergė district, the winner in Group 4 is the community of Gribžiniai village of Klaipėda district, the winner in Group 5 is the Panevezys District Communities Union, that unites as many as seven communities, and the winner in Group 6 is Jonava Justinas Vareikis Progymnasium. The winning communities received the biggest number of votes.


Tips for travellers – for successful travel

When December is nearing the end, is exactly the time when we celebrate Merry Christmas and the New Year, perhaps the most anticipated holidays of the year. Many tend to take advantage of the days between these two holidays for relaxation, visiting their relatives. The State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) reminds how to prepare and ensure that our travels are safe and as smooth as possible.


Maintenance of the roads of national significance in winter

In winter, all road users must pay attention to changing weather conditions and precipitation, which directly affect driving conditions. At the same time, most drivers probably notice that some roads are cleaned and sanded or salted more often, while other roads are cleaned and sanded or salted less often. And there are roads that are not sprinkled with any anti-slip agents, and only excessive snow is cleared of them.


The winners of the Battle of Minds ‘Safe Students 2021’ have been determined

The winners of the Battle of Minds on the topic of traffic safety “Safe Students 2021”, that was organised by the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration), are already known. The winners in the Aukštaitija region are the team from Raguva Gymnasium in Panevežys district, in the Central Lithuania – the team from Lazdijai Motiejus Gustaitis Gymnasium, in Samogitia – the team from Tverai Gymnasium of Rietavas municipality.


The reconstruction of the A. Meškinis (Kleboniškis) bridge near Kaunas is planned – market consultations are announced

The State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) invites contactors to take part in the market consultation on the reconstruction of the middle bridge, so called the A. Meškinis bridge, over the river Neris, which is located near the bridge, the construction of which is nearing the end (in the section between the kilometres 99.03 and 100.47 of the highway A1 Vilnius–Kaunas–Klaipėda).


Both drivers and pedestrians can already use the tunnel in Lentvaris

From the afternoon of today, December 1, traffic is already running through the tunnel under the level crossing in Lentvaris. This tunnel can be used not only by drivers but also by pedestrians – the tunnel is equipped with a pedestrian zone completely separated from the car traffic. The entire project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2022, when the work related to the infrastructure management of this project, such as fence installation, finishing, and other, will be completed.