Priority List of Pedestrian and Bicycle Pathways in Built-up Areas Publicized

New pedestrian and bicycle pathways at the state significance roads in built-up areas will be paved according to the priority list.


Fastened Seat Belt May Save Your Life

SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) reminds that a safety belt is one of the easiest and simplest methods to avoid injuries in case of a traffic accident. They are simple to use, moreover, available in every car.


Drawings to Draw Attention to Traffic Safety Issues

Six bus stop shelters have been decorated with traffic safety related drawings in various Lithuanian districts. The colours and message of the drawings aims to focus the attention of road users to traffic safety issues and to encourage them to behave responsibly on the streets and roads.


Cooperation Between the Road Administration and the Road Police

On 4 December 2020 SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) organized training for Lithuanian Road Police officers involved in traffic organization.