Validity of Annual E-Vignettes May Be Suspended During Lockdown

Road users who are not going to use toll roads during the lockdown, may suspend the validity of their annual electronic vignettes (later – e-vignettes). The decision has been taken by the resolution of the Emergency Operations Centre at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims on November 15

On Sunday November 15, the campaign NEUŽGESK (Keep Sparking) is held to remember the road victims. The campaign aims to draw the road users‘ attention to their responsible behaviour on the road and obeying Road Traffic Regulations in order to avoid meaningless victims.


Campaign NEUŽGESK: Statistics Gives Hope and Makes One Think

On Sunday November 15, road accident victims will be remembered all over the world. In Lithuania this day will be highlighted by the logo of the campaign NEUŽGESK (Keep Sparking).


E-Journal Replaces Paper Construction Works‘ Journal

Since November 2020 SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) has introduced the electronic construction works‘ journal to register newly signed contract works. It will  replace paper journals that were used to register construction works.


Campaign NEUŽGESK Invites To Remember Road Victims

SE Lithuanian Road Administration together with the Lithuanian Road Police invites everybody to mark the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims to be held on 15 November, aiming to draw the society‘s attention to personal responsibility for the behaviour on the road, to observing Road Traffic Regulations and avoiding meaningless victims.


Motorway Vilnius–Kaunas at 50

Fifty years ago the motorway Vilnius–Kaunas was opened on 3 November. In 1970 it was the first motorway that was considered one of the most modern roads in former Soviet Union. It took five years to construct the motorway. Traffic volumes on the motorway were 5,800 vehicles per day.