Heat Affects Not Only People But Roads Too

Due to long waves of heat flushed bitumen, sometimes called bleeding asphalt, may occur on some Lithuanian road sections. Therefore, SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) kindly invites drivers to be more careful and tolerant. It should be pointed out that these road sections are immediately repaired; thus,  no restrictions have been applied on them.


The Road Administration Warns: Roadside Selling of Goods Endangers Traffic Safety

State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration together with the Lithuanian Police pays attention to illegal and dangerous selling of various goods from forests, gardens and farms on the roadside.


Issuing Permits to Close Roads or to Restrict Traffic on State Road Network

SE Lithuanian Road Administration reminds that when a company intends to perform works (road repair, reconstruction, construction of engineering networks) or to organize an event (film shooting, sports competition, fair, campaign, etc.) on state significance road network, it shall apply to the owner of the road, i.e. the Road Administration, for a …


Warning on Driving Conditions on Road A14 Vilnius–Utena

SE Lithuanian Road Administration (later – the Road Administration) informs that due to extremely high temperatures, concrete road slabs on some main A14 Vilnius–Utena road sections have deformed.


Properly Maintained Bicycles and Worn Bright-Coloured Safety Vests Make Riding Safer

Having analyzed traffic statistics in 2018–2020, the Road Administration has updated a picture of an average statistical bicyclist fatality (later – bicylist fatality). It is a 60–70-year-old man, who dies when riding on a suburban road in autumn or summer on Friday or Monday between 18.00 and 21.00.


The Season of Motorcycle Riding Has Started: Will Lessons Be Taken from the Mistakes of Others

SE Lithuanian Road Administration has analyzed the data of 2020 traffic accidents with motorcycle fatalites. This enabled to create a picture of a typical motorcyclist fatality: a 21–30 year old man who died in a car accident when riding on a state significance regional road in spring or summer between 15.00 PM and 18.00 PM.


Spring Thaw Period May Correct Your Travel Route

Due to spring thaw, some roads cannot withstand heavy vehicle loads and seasonal load restrictions are put into effect on some Lithuanian state significance regional and national road sections. However, these restrictions do not apply to cars on the mentioned roads.


Pedestrian Fatality Statistics: Aging Population not Wearing Reflective Gear

Having analyzed road accidents and generalized statistical data, SE Lithuanian Road Administration has refreshed the portrait of a pedestrian fatality on Lithuanian state significance roads: a 61-year-old  male not wearing reflective gear or accessories walking along unlit exurban road on autumn or winter Friday night between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.


Winter Driving: Check Your Vehicle‘s Technical Condition

Changing winter weather conditions, more snow and low temperature urge drivers to be more careful on the road, to take safe rather than maximum permitted speed and to keep a longer than usual safe distance.


Information on Traffic Conditions at eismoinfo.lt 24/7

As winter weather has come, road users shall observe the changing traffic and road conditions. Due to the ongoing lockdown it is recommended to avoid unnecessary travel; however, in case of urgent need road users shall behave mindfully on the road.