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“Traffic Safety Stops” campaign invites people to stop and remember the rules of road safety


The Traffic Safety Stops organised by the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) start their tour around Lithuania. This year, from 1 August to 2 September, 98 Traffic Safety Stops will be open in different cities and towns across the country, where the Road Administration’s road safety experts will interact with visitors on various road safety topics.

As last year, the focus will be on the most vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists, and riders of simple and electric scooters. However, drivers and passengers of other vehicles will also get answers to their questions.

“For the third time now, this campaign has the advantage that road users can communicate directly with our road safety specialists, which makes it the most effective way of transmitting information. Participants can also visit the Traffic Safety Stops to get actively involved, discuss and ask questions about traffic safety. The most important thing to understand is that we all have to take care of safety together, because the safety of all of us depends on our own responsible participation in traffic,” says Aivaras Vilkelis, the Director of the Department for Transport Infrastructure Planning and Innovation.

This campaign is particularly aimed at young road users. The Road Administration’s traffic safety specialists will not only help both future first-graders and adults to find their safe route, but also advise them on how to cross the street safely and teach them how to use reflectors correctly.

As in previous years, the selection of the locations of the Traffic Safety Stops focused on smaller towns and settlements, where traffic safety campaigns are less frequent, but accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists are relatively more frequent. It also takes into account the intensity of pedestrian and cyclist traffic, and the most frequented points of interest (municipality, district, post office, shop, etc.).

You can find out where and when the “Traffic Safety Stops” campaign is taking place by visiting the Road Administration’s website.