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Preparations are underway for repairing a national road in Neringa


During the summer of this year, the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) will carry out design studies of the national road No. 167 Smiltynė-Nida*. Once the pre-design studies have been carried out, the most appropriate type of repair for the road will be selected. The poor state of the road’s surface makes it necessary to repair it. The surface repair works are planned to take place between 2023 and 2024.

The average annual daily traffic volume on the national road No. 167 Smiltynė-Nida* last year was almost 1,700 cars/day. However, in July-August, traffic volumes increase to more than 3,000 cars/day.

Individual sections of the national road No. 167 Smiltynė-Nida* are included in the lists of sections to be repaired, in accordance with the Methodology for the Assessment and Prioritisation of Sections of National Roads to be Reconstructed and Repaired. The Road Administration manages national roads according to publicly announced priority queues and within the limits of the Road Maintenance and Development Programme. Contracts have already been concluded for the reconstruction of some sections in the priority queue, while other sections are subject to public tenders for project preparation, design, surveys and tenders for the procurement of contract works.

The priority list of national roads to be repaired is based on a road condition assessment using special equipment, taking into account the criteria set out in the methodology: the condition of the road surface, the overall traffic volume, the volume of freight traffic, etc.

All the methodologies and priority queues for the management of roads and their elements developed by the Road Administration are published on the Road Administration’s website.