Preparations are underway for repairing a national road in Neringa

During the summer of this year, the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) will carry out design studies of the national road No. 167 Smiltynė-Nida*. Once the pre-design studies have been carried out, the most appropriate type of repair for the road will be selected. The poor state of the road’s surface makes it necessary to repair it. The surface repair works are planned to take place between 2023 and 2024.


The “Save Young Lives on the Roads” road safety competition is over: more than 50,000 pupils took part – from primary school to graduates

More than 50,000 schoolchildren from all over Lithuania tested their road safety knowledge and skills this year at the organisers of the “Save Young Lives on the Road” competition. Primary school pupils took part in the “Traffic Light” competition, young cyclists competed in the “Safe Wheel” competition, and older road users competed on mopeds and scooters and in cars.


Internal auditors of road administrations in foreign countries discuss current perspectives

Last week, the annual meeting of the internal auditors of the Nordic and Baltic national road administrations was organised by the Lithuanian Road Administration and attended by representatives from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania. The main theme of this year’s meeting is “Challenges and Issues of Internal Audit 2020-2021”.


Environmental and traffic safety aspects are combined in the development of a bicycle and pedestrian path in Neringa

In Neringa, a part of the pedestrian and bicycle path from Smiltyne to Juodkrante (sections from 2.104 km to 2.956 km and from 2.956 km to 15.567 km) has already been designed. The projects can be implemented after the approval of the Curonian Spit National Park Authority and other interested institutions. It is planned that reconstruction works on this section could start in quarter III-IV of this year, after receiving the approvals from the responsible authorities and successful public procurement.


Legal aspects of local road funding were discussed with municipalities

On 7 June this year, the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) organised a remote seminar for municipalities on the topic “Amendments to the legal acts regulating the use of the funds of the Road Maintenance and Development Programme (hereinafter- the RMDP) for roads of local importance”.


One of the most dangerous roundabouts (junction) on the national road network is removed

Reconstruction of the section of the main road outside Kaunas near the village of Giraitės (A1 Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda from 102.90 to 107.00 km) has eliminated one of the most dangerous single level crossings in the national road network. Traffic on the newly built infrastructure was opened on 7 June this year.


Designers are invited to submit proposals for the repair of the Utena road from Molėtai to Utena

The Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) announced a public procurement for the preparation of technical work projects and supervision of the execution of the projects for the overhaul of the section of the A14 Vilnius-Utena road from Molėtai to Utena.


Search for a contractor to construct a section of the “Via Baltica”: a public tender has been announced for the reconstruction of the section of the A5 between 72.50 km and 79 km

The Public Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration announced a public procurement for the reconstruction of the section of the main road A5 Kaunas-Marijampolė-Suvalkai (“Via Baltica”) from 72.50 km to 79 km. Following successful public procurement procedures, it is expected that the contract with the contractor will be concluded in the third quarter of this year.


Winners of the “Road Safety 2022” drawing competition were announced

The winners of the drawing competition “Road Safety 2022” initiated by the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) have been announced: Fifth grade pupil Austėja Pužauskaitė of Šakiai School “Varpas”, seventh grade pupil Grantas Grudzinskas of Butrimonys gymnasium of the Alytus Region, first grade pupil Kamilė Savickaitė of “Versmes” gymnasium of Taurage region, fourth grade pupil Ugnė Barakauskaitė of Žemaičiu Naumiestis School – kindergarten of the Šilute Region, eighth grade pupil Marija Šmakotinaitė of Panevežys “Šaltinis” Progymnasium, and a pupil Nika Pyrčak of the Visaginas Education Centre.


Communities are invited to take part in the “Road Safety in Communities 2022-2023” competition

The State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter – the Road Administration) is organising the competition “Traffic Safety in Communities 2022-2023” (hereinafter – the Competition) and invites communities in Lithuanian villages and towns to register and actively participate in the implementation of traffic safety projects.