Lithuania and Latvia Sustains Upgrading Interconnecting Roads

In June the reconstruction of state significance regional road No 3647 Pandėlys–Suvainiškis–Nereta section 13.30 to 18.30 km was completed. The following works were performed: a former gravel road was reconstructed into a 6-metre-wide asphalt concrete road, bus stop areas were built, drainage was managed, old intersections and exit roads were reconstructed and new …


Long-term Strategy Will Guarantee Effective and Transparent Road Network Development

The Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (later referred to as the Road Administration) has prepared a long-term state significance road maintenance and development strategy until 2035 (later referred to as the Strategy 2035).


The Second Stage of the Road to Rusnė Reconstruction

The Road Administration informs that on 15 May 2019 the contract stage on Rusnė causeway construction was completed. The causeway with approaches was handed over to the Lithuanian Road Administration.



The causeway in Rusnė has been opened in the presence of invited guests and local community. The Opening was marked with a ribbon cutting ceremony.


Safe and Fast Travel from Kaunas to Warsaw on Via Baltica Motorway

The following basic international standards have been maintained during the reconstruction of state significance main road A5 Kaunas–Marijampolė–Suwałki section from 56.83 to 97.06 km: separation of transit from local traffic, four-traffic-lane road with max permitted speed of 130 km/h, connecting roads with max permitted speed of 90 km/h, construction of …


Resuming Infrastructure Improvements on the Lithuanian-Latvian Border

To connect the roads of Latvian and Lithuanian regional centres, the reconstruction of three state road sections, the total length of which makes up 17 km, has been resumed after winter interruption. It is planned to complete the works this year. The connecting roads are reconstructed under the joint Lithuanian-Latvian project EASYCROSSING.


Traffic Safety Day: Roads Without Drunken Drivers

On April 6 events called Do not Drive Drunken under the umbrella of Traffic Safety Day were held in three major cities of Vilnius, Klaipėda and Panevėžys. The participants of the events were able to test vehicle turnover and safety belt efficiency simulating equipment, to ride scooters, bicycles, hoverboard, to take part in the competition-quizz on traffic safety and to win prizes.


Bus Stop Pavilions will be Storied by the Winner Drawings of the Competition Traffic Safety on the Road

The Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (Road Administration) announces a drawings‘ competition Traffic Safety on the Road. Six selected drawings of the winners of the competition will be copied on the bus stop pavilions.


Almost 100 % Implementation of Gravel Road Asphalt Paving Programme 2017-2018

On 15 March 2019 road construction and reconstruction as well as gravel road asphalt paving works started after a technological intermission. The Lithuanian Road Administration has implemented the Gravel Road Asphalt Paving Programme 2017-2018 almost at its full scope.


Competitive Public Procurement Yields More Road Construction and Reconstruction Projects

In 2018 the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (the Road Administration) saved almost 78 MEUR, out of which 65 MEUR were saved through public procurement of contract works.