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Baltic Road Specialists Will Cooperate on Important Issues of Road Infrastructure and Traffic Safety


During the chairmanship of the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) of the Baltic Road Association (BRA), the main priorities and directions were approved to be implemented by the Technical Committees and Working Groups on strategy, planning, ITS, road research, traffic safety, road maintenance.

Experts, delegated by the Road Administration, will cooperate with Latvian and Estonian road specialists in the field of developing international transport corridors (e.g., Via Baltica), pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, financing, national road network and innovations.

The sessions of the Committees and Working Groups will address the principles of road planning, sharing of experience in the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM), development of speed enforcement systems, road information systems, open data use, e-vehicle infrastructure, measuring and testing methods of road condition, road design and marking, seasonal road maintenance and other issues important to the countries.

Special attention will be paid to traffic safety on roads with the help of both engineering and educational projects.

According to Remigijus Lipkevičius, Director of the Road Administration, such a tripartite cooperation model will not only allow the exchange of good practices but will also help to consistently develop the topical directions of road engineering, to implement important projects in a way to achieve a common goal of creating convenient, smart and safe transport system in the three Baltic countries.

During the 30th Baltic Road Conference held in August 2021, the Road Administration has taken over the chairmanship of the Baltic Road Association from the State-Owned Limited Liability Company Latvian State Roads (lat. Latvijas Valsts ceļi). Lithuania will chair the BRA for the period of four years and in 2025 will hand it over to Estonia.

The goal of the Baltic Road Association is to seek possibilities for cooperation by conducting joint studies, coordinating the work of technical expert groups, organizing common seminars and international conferences, and cooperating with other international road organizations.

Historically, the cooperation between the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) dates back to the year 1927. The first Baltic Road Conference was held in 1932. Since 1989, the Council of the Baltic Road Association meets periodically twice a year. The three countries act on an equal basis and all the decisions are taken by common consent.